Forged in the suburban sprawl between Philadelphia and New York City, SAINT SLUMBER is every bit as eclectic as the small towns from which they come. Building home studios in barns and garages, the band takes complete control of their music by creating, recording, and producing their own music. 

This creative autonomy can be seen in the band’s 2017 debut EP entitled YOUTH//1. An expansive record for its breadth, SAINT SLUMBER juxtaposes the sounds of dreamy, electronic pop alongside alternative rock on their five song EP. Vocalist Joshua Perna moulds introspective and moody lyrics into infectious pop hooks over the dense, ambient soundscapes created by guitarist Aaron Brown. The band prides itself on bringing this immersive sound to the stage: the band’s alt-pop songs are energized by drummer Matt Carpenter’s explosive live performance, joining forces with bassist Adam Jessamine to create a high-energy rhythm section.

In its first 6 months alone, YOUTH//1 accrued over half a million streams, garnering the band appearances on the legendary SoFar Sounds sessions and Balcony TV. In 2018, SAINT SLUMBER started the year off strong by playing the main stage at Radio 104.5's Philadelphia Winter Jawn, sharing the stage with The Struts, Dashboard Confessional, and AJR.


SAINT SLUMBER's debut EP "YOUTH//1" is available now on iTunes and Spotify. 


"Producing all their own work, Saint Slumber’s imposing, splashy debut frames their masterful skills without pause, indicating they are on the edge of glory and capable of even more colossal things." -Jason Scott, B-Sides and Badlands


"While YOUTH//1 is a timely release... and experimenting with mixed genres is becoming the norm in pop music, the album still feels completely unique. YOUTH//1 is an undeniably strong start for Saint Slumber." -Elyse Jankowski, Stars and Scars


"For any diehard music fan, discovering one of today’s most popular recording artists before they become famous is the dream... Saint Slumber’s music is good, but their live show is so much more.  You still have the opportunity to see them in intimate settings.  Don’t miss your chance." -Fran Chismar, i99Radio




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