Forged in the suburban sprawl between Philadelphia and New York City, SAINT SLUMBER is an all-American rock band. Formed in the small, quiet towns of the east coast, the band takes their music from their bedroom studios to stages beyond. 

Self-producing all of their own records, their creative autonomy was first revealed in the band’s 2017 debut EP entitled YOUTH//1. An expansive record for its breadth, SAINT SLUMBER juxtaposed the sounds of dreamy, electronic pop alongside alternative rock on their first five song EP. In its first year, the band's debut tracks accrued a million streams, finishing the year strong by playing Philadelphia Winter Jawn Festival with Dashboard Confessional and the Struts to a record-breaking crowd.

2018 brought SAINT SLUMBER into their second year and the second installment of their Youth Trilogy. Starting the summer off strong, Saint Slumber was added to Radio 104.5's Birthday Bash, playing with 30 Seconds to Mars, Portugal. the Man, and Walk the Moon on their Philadelphia stop of the Monolith Tour. Throughout the summer, the band released a series of singles from their second EP, garnering features from Nylon, Alt Press, Substream Magazine and more. On September 14th, Saint Slumber released their newest record YOUTH//2, premiering exclusively on Billboard, and announced that they would be touring the East Coast with Young Rising Sons in support of the record.


SAINT SLUMBER's new record YOUTH//2 EP is out now and is available everywhere.

"Youth//2 EP has five tracks, each with their own indie-rock flavor that incorporate synth-pop vibes and breathy vocals… All five tracks make for a unique, yet cohesive, collection, providing an awe-inspiring set-up to the third part of their Youth trilogy.”

-Taylor Weatherby, Billboard


Saint Slumber are firmly taking control of the narrative, telling their story one song and EP at a time… Whether in their songs, music videos, or other video projects, Perna and the rest of the members of the band have clearly poured their all into everything they do. Saint Slumber has a story to tell, and they’re not going to let anyone else try to tell it for them.

-Gabriel Aikens, Substream Magazine

"Producing all their own work, Saint Slumber’s imposing, splashy debut frames their masterful skills without pause, indicating they are on the edge of glory and capable of even more colossal things."

-Jason Scott, B-Sides and Badlands


"For any diehard music fan, discovering one of today’s most popular recording artists before they become famous is the dream... Saint Slumber’s music is good, but their live show is so much more. You still have the opportunity to see them in intimate settings. Don’t miss your chance."

-Fran Chismar, i99Radio





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